Police Department

History & Structure
The Angleton Police Department
was formed in 1953. At the time it was formed, the Police Department consisted of the Chief of Police and 2 patrolmen. The Police Department now has 37 sworn officers and 13 civilian personnel serving a population of nearly 20,000 residents.
Angleton Police Department 2012
Ebay Auctions
The Angleton Police Department is selling seized items on Ebay. The department will also be selling other property in the future such as monitors. To see current items or check back for future items, click our Ebay page to see current auctions.

Request An Accident Report
There is no charge for accident reports as long as an e-mail address is provided. Email addresses will not be saved or used in any fashion outside of the context of sending the requested report. Send an email with the following in the subject line: Accident Report Request. State law requires that you provide the following information before a report can be released. This is in accordance with Texas Transportation Code 550.065:
  • The exact date of the accident
  • The specific address, highway or street where the accident occurred
  • The name of any person involved in the accident
  • If you were given a report number by the officer please include that information with the request. An accident report will be sent in a PDF File at no charge. Please give the officer 3 to 5 days to submit the accident report to the records division. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Paula Bowman, Records Clerk, at 979- 849- 2383.