Utility Department

The Utility Billing Department handles the metering and billing of water, trash and sewer services within the City of Angleton.

The City of Angleton is making it easier for you to access up-to-date account information. New smart meters ensure accurate meter reads and will bring consistency to your utility bill. There are currently two portals to manage your water account, one for online payments and one for usage analytics, giving you insight into your water usage.

Online Billing & Payment Site

Click HERE to pay your Utility Bill through our municipal online payments portal. You can also set up  Auto Pay with a credit or debit card and opt-in to  paperless billing.Utility Billing Portal Thumbnail

Water Usage Portal

Current users of the online billing and payment site must create an additional sign-in for access to the water usage portal. You do not automatically have access to the portal by having an online bill pay account. 

SIGN UP HERE for water usage alerts through the My Sensus Analytics Portal. Sign up for leak detection notifications, and set daily usage notification limits. Returning customers can sign in at http://portal.angleton.tx.us/My Sensus Portal Thumbnail Opens in new window

SIGN IN HERE: http://portal.angleton.tx.us
REGISTER HERE: Customer Portal Sign up (sensus-analytics.com)
USER GUIDE: Customer Portal Registration Instructions PDF
ONE PAGE USER GUIDE: One Page Customer Portal Registration Instructions PDF

Applying For New Service

To apply for Water Service/Utilities, a valid driver's license, a copy of property lease/title of service address, and completed Utility Application (PDF) with TCEQ Agreement form (PDF) must be submitted.

Disconnect Service

Service disconnection requests may be made in person at City Hall, or online. If you are requesting service disconnect online, your account must be in good standing and current. You may complete the following online form to initiate your service disconnection request: Disconnection Request

Billing Cycles, Payment & Fees

Utility bills are typically sent out around the 1st of the month and payment must be received on or before the 20th of each month. Should the 20th fall on a weekend or holiday, payment must be received by 5:30 p.m. the following business day; otherwise, a fee of $10 or a 10% late fee will be assessed, whichever is greater.

Payment may be remitted online, in person, by mail, automatic bank draft, or by using the drop box located in front of City Hall at: 

121 S. Velasco
Angleton, TX 77515

Dropbox payments must be received before 5:30 p.m.on or before the due date. After 5:30 p.m., payment is considered late, and a late fee will be assessed. No cash, please.