Group Exercise

Classes are available at no charge for recreation center members. Non-members are eligible to take classes with a purchase of a day pass. New members to our facility who need advice on fitness room equipment or how to start planning a healthy lifestyle may set up a one on one meeting with our Fitness Coordinator.

  • Group Exercise is open to individuals 13 and older.
  • Group X class schedule is subject to change. For new schedules click the link below or pick one up at the front desk.
  • Arrive on time to ensure proper warm-up.  
  • Classes are on a first come, first serve basis, and the instructor has the right to refuse entry if the class reaches maximum capacity.
  • Classes may change before or after publication, and we apologize for any errors that may occur.

  This Month's Fitness Schedule



Aqua Fitness Splash

This class concentrates on cardio water exercises by providing a gravity free environment. It accommodates to individual differences and is easy on your joints, yet provides an excellent overall body workout.

Cardio and Strength

An expressive movement done to the beat of High Energy DJ mix sets. Get motivated using light weights intermittently with cardio to get your best muscle tone & ignite your core stabilizers.

Lunch Bootcamp

Get in shape "boot camp" style! To keep you motivated while improving your overall fitness during your lunch break.


This high-energy interval training session alternates high and low intensities in order to burn fat, build muscle.



The TRX system uses your body weight for resistance, and you can control the resistance by adjusting your body position. Aids in building strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability simultaneously.  
Line Dancing  
 Exercise your body and mind by dancing to lively, upbeat music. Line dancing is a fun way to socially dance without a partner.


Strength, endurance, and interval moves come together for a full body workout. in order to burn fat and build muscle.



Improve balance, strength, and flexibility with yoga. Find your breath and movement working together as you free your mind and body. Restorative breathing and final relaxation decreases stress and gives mental clarity. 


Ditch the workout, join the party! Latin flavor dance routines featuring interval training sessions that combine slow rhythms & resistance training.


An evening running group for beginners and advanced runners looking to start a training plan to finish a 5k, 10k, or a half marathon. Run Fit is also designed to help more advanced runners looking to run personal bests at all distances. This class will meet outside behind the rec center.

Silver Classes

These classes are designed for active older adults to help build on their foundation for an even more active and mobile lifestyle.  All classes are 30 minutes long and will help build muscular strength. 

TRX Silver

The TRX system uses your body weight for resistance, and you can control the resistance by adjusting your body position.  This class will help build joint stability, coordination, and range of motion.   

Resistance Silver

You will build balance, agility, and flexibility in this class using elastic tubing with handles.   

Body Blast Silver

You won't find any fancy choreography here, just weights to help build muscle tone.