Building Permits

Tenant Occupancy Permits
The Tenant Occupancy Permit Application is an application for all tenants that are occupying a commercial business. This applies to any business moving to a commercial location.
Any time there is a tenant change in an existing building, the Fire Marshal requires a routine life and safety inspection and/or a compliance inspection for a change of use on the suite or building site you will be occupying. There will be a $25 permit fee for this application. A BSD Fire/Building inspector will conduct all tenant occupancy inspections.

Building Permits
Building Permits are required for:
  • All new buildings including carports, garages and storage buildings
  • Any remodeling work with the exception of cosmetic, such as paint, carpeting, and other minor maintenance work
Roof Structure or Cover
Roof structures or covers are required for:
  • New roofing not covered under the building permit or re-roofing of an existing roof
  • Structural foundation leveling
  • Exception: minor periodical (seasonal) leveling of manufactured homes and/or pier and beam construction homes does not require a permit
Accessory Structure
Permits are required for building:
  • Patios, carports, pools, storage buildings, fences, etc.
Mechanical Permits
Mechanical permits are required for:
  • Erecting, installing, enlarging, altering, repairing, removing, converting or replacing a mechanical system
Electrical Permits
Any electrical work except light bulbs and switch plates, simple fixtures and/or change outs will require an electrical permit.

Plumbing Permits

Plumbing permits are required for all new work such as new construction or renovation of buildings, new sewer lines, water lines, and re-pipe of sewer and water lines. All Natural gas lines require a plumbing permit. Any work on the supply side of the fixture shut off valve must be done by a licensed registered plumber.

Flat Work

Permits are required for:
  • Driveways
  • Dumpster pads
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
Fire Marshal Permits
Fire Marshal permits are required for:
  • Fire Alarms
  • Knox Box(s) to include emergency access gate locks
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Spray booths
  • Sprinkler Systems
Sign Permit
Class I signs shall mean:
  • Canopy signs
  • Energized and neon signs
  • Ground signs (freestanding)
  • Monument signs over 32 square feet
  • Wall signs over 32 square feet
Class II signs shall mean wall or projecting signs 32 square feet or less.

House Moving Permit
House moving permits are required for manufactured homes and stick built structures.

Miscellaneous Permits Required
  • Culvert / Drainage Pipe
  • Demolition
  • Garage Sales
  • Irrigation (landscape) Permit
  • Tenant Occupancy Permit