Sex Offender List

Offender Name
Race/Sex Date of Birth
Address Offense
Victim Age/Sex
Albert Allen
b/m 7/2/1961 900 W. Live Oak
Sex Assault
Patrick Bradley w/m 2/24/1986 9 S Kaysie St Possession of Child Porn  
Archie Branch
b/m 8/16/1970 2310 E Mulberry #56
Agg Sex Assault of a Child
Laurence L Cano w/m 3/11/62 2521 S Velasco St Sexual Assault         23/f
Danny Christian w/m 7/15/52 305 Bert St Indecency w/child exposure       12/f
Jesse James Cuellar
w/m 7/4/1980 #3 Richland Circle
Agg Sex Assault of Child
Jesse Damian
w/m 8/28/1968 925 E Mulberry #5
Indecency w/ Child
Lawrence Davilla
w/m 11/1/1961 310 W Rogers
Sex Assault of Child
Jose Estrada
w/m 3/6/1979 625 E Kyle St
Sex Assault of Child
David Wayne Fairfield
w/m 12/6/1962 125 Bastrop
Sex Assault of Child by Contact
William Cordell Ford
w/m 6/12/1972 1004 Morningside Indecency & Sex Assault of Child
Shana Fuller
w/f 7/9/1970 117 Trailride
Indecency W/Child by contact
Carlos Garcia Jr
w/m 10/21/1975 945 S walker St
Sexual Assault
Daniel Garza w/m 12/11/1967 205 Rice St 3x Burg Hab w/intent sex assault 18/19/22/f
Richard F Garcia w/m 10/25/1962 600 E Lorraine Sex Asslt of Child by contact         17/f
Rodney L Granville w/m 9/16/1961 208 E Wilkens Apt4 Attempt to commit Sexual Assault         38/f
William Jones b/m 6/17/1958 1745 Henderson Rd #1005 Agg Sexual Assault of Child      12/f
Billy David Kay
w/m 11/14/1963 501 N Pecan #28
Indecency with a child
Robert Laws w/m 1/3/1972 1409 Northview Dr Indecency with a child 9/m
Kenneth McDaniel
w/m 10/9/1969 19 N Kaysie St
Poss Child Pornography
Brandon Owen w/m 8/27/85 301-A10 Sands St Agg sex assault of child         10/f
Damion Perry
b/m 1/6/1974 #36 Sarita Rd
Indecency W/Child Exposure
Donel Dewayne Phillips
b/m 6/25/1970 801 Marshall Rd
Agg Sexual Assault of Child
James Edward Quintana w/m 1/24/1969 128 Bastrop St Sexual Assault         16/f
Albert Riis-Due
w/m 11/16/1942 501 N Pecan #37
Indecency W/ Child
Carlos Rodriguez
w/m 4/27/1975 305 W Peach
Indecency W/ Child
Roy Silva
w/m 823/1970 847 S Valderas
Sexual Assault
Michael Jon Strambler b/m 8/18/1972 9 N Texian Trail Compelling Prostitution  
Manual Villarreal h/m 09/28/78 720 Kyle St Sexual Assault         17/f
Orlando M Villesca h/m 7/5/1968 720 Kyle Street Indecency /Child         17/f
Bynum Willcut
w/m 4/12/1945 729 Plantation Dr
Agg Sexual Assault Child & Indecency W/Child
James Ryan Wood w/m 12/5/1990 201 Sands Apt 17 Indecency w/child Exposure          13/f

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