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November MD Ad 2016

Next Angleton Market Days is November 19/20

If you are interested in being a vendor in the November 19/20 2016 Market, please see application below. We will accept applications for new vendors beginning April 4th until full. 

Currently, there are only outdoor UNCOVERED spaces available.

To stay up to date on all Market Days announcements, Please "like" the Angleton Market Days Facebook page. See link below. Email us if you have further questions. If you are submitting an application, please send by mail not email or fax. Address is on the application. Please note, vendor shall not be entitled to a refund or any part of any fee should he/she be unable to participate after acceptance. Market Days is not a juried show.  Vendors are not granted exclusivity unless there is a corporate "one vendor per show" policy.  Proof of this policy must accompany your application if this is the case.  Spaces are filled per vendor request and availability at the time of processing.  We can not assure that you will not be near a vendor with a like product.  Thank you.

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 heart of Christmas Logo no date
   On Saturday, December 3, the citizens of Angleton will come together to celebrate the Heart of Christmas in the heart of downtown! This event is a great testament to the spirit of Christmas and the joy of sharing with others. In keeping with that theme, EVERYTHING at the event is free. Get involved and help make this a wonderful gift to the community! 
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