Sponsorship Catalog

Parks & Recreation Sponsorship Catalog

The City of Angleton Parks and Recreation Division consists of numerous parks, trails, athletic facilities, gardens, and Angleton Recreation Center.  These amenities, along with City-sponsored special events and programs, allow residents to take advantage of the many opportunities Angleton has to offer.

By taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities with the Parks and Recreation Department, your business will be able to maximize exposure to the residents of Angleton and show community support.  With a variety of sponsorship levels available, there is a sponsorship option available for businesses of any size.

Please take the time to review all sponsorship opportunities the Angleton Parks and Recreation Department offers throughout the year by contacting Megan Mainer,

Freedom Trail Lights

Freedom Trail Lights

The City of Angleton, in collaboration with TXU Energy, will install LED solar lighting along Freedom Park Walking trail this spring.  This is a two-year project and will consist of installing 46 LED solar lights, 23 each year, around the walking trail.  The City was eligible for TXU’s Greenback - Energy Efficiency Rebate when they were selected as the City’s energy provider.  These rebates award the City $13,000 each year, for two years, for LED projects.  For more information about the LED trail lighting project at Freedom Park contact Stewart Crouch,


TPWD Grants

The City of Angleton has applied for several Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) grants to help improve Bates and Dickey parks as well as help fund park amenities in Lakeside.  If awarded these grants, funds will go towards a new pavilion at Bates Park, Dickey playground, permanent StoryWalk structures, and boater access and recreational trails at Lakeside park.  TPWD grant award winners should inform of the Local Parks Small Community Recreation, Boater Access, and Recreational Trails grants in May 2021.  Bates and Dickey Park improvements will be scheduled for this summer 2021. For more information about TPWD grants contact Megan Mainer,

Freedom Park Amenities Graphic

Freedom Park Master Plan

The City of Angleton requested proposals from professionally qualified Landscape Architect (PLA) consultants, and/or similar professionally qualified consultants, in November to provide comprehensive design and planning services to update the master plan for Freedom Park located at 3105 N. Downing, Angleton, TX 77515.  Two town hall meetings were held on October 12 and November 9 to assess and prioritize park amenities desired by the public.  The plan will include 42-acres of undeveloped land north of Freedom ball fields which has a pond.  Master planning of Freedom Park will commence in January 2021. For more information about Freedom Park Master Plan contact Megan Mainer,  

Public Survey - Proposed Park Amenities

Idea Cloud

Metal Heart Sculpture in Park

Gateway Signage Master Plan

In 2018, the Azimuth Group, Inc. (AGI) was retained by the City to support the planning, facilitation, and documentation of an intensive strategic planning workshop. From various collaborative brainstorming exercises, one of many strategic themes was to Enhance the Local Economy. Strategic objectives, or tasks, that were identified under this strategic theme included: defining and marketing a compelling Angleton brand, attracting new commercial development, and supporting quality residential growth.

This project focuses on city gateway signs and landscaping to guide motorists into the community. A new City brand has been selected.  The Gateway Master Plan will be developed in fall 2020 and spring 2021.  For more information about the Gateway Master Plan contact Megan Mainer,

Lakeside Park Aerial View

Lakeside Park

The City of Angleton is working with Parks Board, ABLC, Lakeside Task Force, City Council and Clark Condon to complete design development for Lakeside Park including an outdoor pavilion.  Preliminary renderings for pavilion structures and park amenities layout options have been presented to boards for input.  Design development will continue through Fall 2020 followed by bid construction solicitation and administration Spring and Summer 2021.  For more information about Lakeside Park development contact Megan Mainer,

RVi Final Concept (PDF); Preliminary Pavilion Plan; Preliminary Park Design


Scholarship Program

In December 2019, the City of Angleton adopted a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master and Strategic Plan. This study helped determine current and future level of service for the community based on public input as well as aid in developing a strategic action plan for the Parks & Recreation Department.  

Developing a scholarship program was one of the short-term strategic goals for fiscal year19-20.  The scholarship program is marketed and available to residents of Angleton in need regardless of income level. 

The scholarship program establishes eligibility, requirements, distribution, award level and guidelines that apply to all Angleton Parks & Recreation programs for which a fee is charged. The scholarship program will serve youth, adults, and seniors in Angleton city limits. It is the desire of Angleton city council that scholarships exist to execute the goal of Angleton Parks & Recreation by assisting low-income families and subsidizing costs associated with Angleton Parks & Recreation programs on a January 1 – December 31 basis.   For more information about the Recreation Scholarship Program contact Geri Gonzales,

Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master and Strategic Plan Map

Parkland Dedication Ordinance Revision

Public park and recreation areas are valuable assets that advance the public’s health, safety and welfare. The Parkland Dedication Ordinance recognizes that parkland dedication is a fair, reasonable and uniform method of financing these assets that does not impose an unfair burden on new or existing development. The intent is to require new development to pay its proportionate costs that are associated with providing new or expanded parks and conservation areas, so they are borne by the new homeowners who are responsible for creating the additional demand.   Staff has hired Dr. Crompton from Texas A&M to revise the City of Angleton’s Parkland Dedication ordinance.  Dr. Crompton will development the ordinance to align with the following outline:1) Presentations to the City Council, Parks Board, ABLC, Planning Board, and other groups deemed appropriate to explain the principles and process; gather information needed to develop a draft ordinance; and consult with staff; 2) Submit a draft ordinance for city staff; receive feedback by phone/zoom; submit an amended draft; 3) Visit the city to present the draft to City Council, Parks Board, ABLC, Planning Board, the Development Community, and other groups deemed appropriate to receive their feedback; consult with staff; prepare a final draft; 4) Visit the city to informally brief each city council member (or small groups that do not breach the open meetings regulations) on the final draft to ensure they are fully informed and to receive feedback for possible amendments to the draft; and 5) Visit the city to formally present the proposed ordinance to the city council for them to act upon as they see fit.  For more information about the Parkland Ordinance revision contact Megan Mainer,


TXDOT Traffic Controller Cabinet Art Wraps

The City of Angleton selected three artists' submissions to install on TXDOT Traffic Controller Cabinets at Business 288, South Velasco, and Loop 274.  Wrap installation will take place in spring 2021.  

The City of Angleton will pursue a second round of artists’ submissions to transform traffic signal controller cabinets in Angleton from functional infrastructure into colorful and inspired works of art revolving around Texas wildflower, birds, and/or butterflies. The request for proposals will be advertised in spring 2021. For more information about TXDOT Traffic Controller Cabinet Art Wraps contact Megan Mainer,

Request for Proposal Document

Untitled design

Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Master & Strategic Plan

The Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master & Strategic Plan created a road map for ensuring an appropriate balance of facilities and amenities throughout the community now and into the future. The final Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Master and Strategic Plan was approved by City Council on December 10th.  You can view an electronic copy here or visit the Angleton Recreation Center to review a paper copy.  We are nearing completion of this fiscal year’s action items.  Pending tasks include:  engage a teen advisory board, boulevard mowing RFP, improve park patrol, develop a neighborhood watch program with the Police Department and implement Lakeside Park Master Plan elements.  For more information regarding these meetings Megan Mainer,

Strategic Plan FY 2019-2020 Project Tracker - Tasks completed to date