If you are unsure if the job that you are considering falls under any of the following categories, please call the permit department at 979-849-4364 ext 2108.

What Requires a Permit in the City of Angleton?

Garage Sale Permits: 

  • The permit fee for a garage sale is $2.00. A resident can only hold a garage sale at their residence every three months. 

Download Garage Sale Application

Alarm Permits:

  • Monitored Alarm systems that use an automated system or service to notify Public Safety within Angleton are required to maintain an annual permit with the City of Angleton.
  • Residential Permit Fee: $25
  • Commercial Permit Fee: $50
  • Remit Fee and Application to the Angleton Police Department 

Download Alarm Permit Application

Building Permits:

  • Flatwork (patio, porch etc.) and Driveways
  • All NEW buildings, including garages, storage buildings, etc.
  • Any remodeling work with the exception of painting, change-out, and 
       other minor maintenance work
  • New Roofing not covered under the building permit or re-roofing an existing roof
  • House leveling
  • Fencing

Download Commercial Building Permit Application  

Download Residential Building Permit Application

Mechanical Permits:

  • Erecting, installing, enlarging, altering, repairing, removing, converting, or replacing a mechanical system

Download Mechanical Permit Application

Electrical Permits:

  • Any electrical work except light bulbs, etc., requires a permit and inspections 

Download Electrical Permit Application

Plumbing Permits:

  • All NEW work such as new buildings or renovation of buildings, new sewer, water line, and re-pipe of sewer and water line
  • All GAS! Any work on the supply side of the fixture shut-off valve 
    Gas Test Inspection Guide
  • All yard sprinklers, including the back-flow device that must be installed
  • Change-out of water heaters

Download Plumbing Permit Application 

Other Permits Required: 

  • Certificate of Occupancy: Any time anyone opens a business in an existing building, the owner must call for an occupancy inspection and receive a certificate of occupancy before opening the business
  • Moving manufactured houses into Angleton
  • Demolition of houses or commercial buildings
  • Erection or painting of signs to the outside of a business, including free-standing signs

Other Permit Applications:

Demolition Permit

Culvert/Drainage Pipe Permit   

Flatwork & Driveways

Fire Marshal Permit  

Irrigation Permit

Sign Permit

Credit Card Authorization Form


NOTE:  Please contact Interim Fire Marshall Karen Barclay regarding fire sprinkler systems and other fire safety measures.

NOTE:  After obtaining the proper permits, a homeowner may do their own residential electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work if he or she resides there and the property has been homesteaded.

Homeowners may not do their own work on a newly purchased home or rent property. A homeowner cannot obtain the permit and then hire a licensed contractor to do the work or vice versa. Homeowners who qualify to do their own work must still obtain the necessary permits so that the job is inspected and determine if the job is up to code. 


Other Permits/Licenses Required in the City of Angleton:

The following permits may be obtained in the City Secretary's Office, Angleton City Hall, 121 Velasco, Angleton, TX. (979) 849-4364 ext. 2115. 

 Click for Peddler, Solicitor, and Transient Merchant Application

 Click here for the City of Angleton Non-Solicitation List

  • Peddler's License - There is a $100.00 charge for peddlers wishing to sell merchandise door to door, plus an additional fee of $15.00 per badge issued.  The applicant is subject to a criminal background check, which may take up to 14 days to process.  The permit is good for 21 days.  No peddler is allowed to solicit to any address listed on the Non-Solicitation List.
  • Solicitors License - Solicitors wishing to obtain orders for goods or other services described in a catalog or by other means, and for which delivery or performance shall occur at a later time are required to submit an application and register with the City Secretary. There is no licensing fee required but there is a fee of $15.00 per badge issued. The applicant is subject to a criminal background check, which may take up to 14 days to process. No solicitor is allowed to solicit to any address listed on the Non-Solicitation List.
  • Transient Merchant License - There is a $100.00 charge for a person who temporarily sets up a business out of a vehicle, trailer, boxcar, tent, other portable shelter or empty store front for the purpose of exposing or displaying for sale, selling or attempting to sell, and delivering goods, wares, products, merchandise or other personal property and who does not remain in any one location for more than twenty-one (21) consecutive days.   A $15,000 bond must be posted with the City upon approval of the application.  The same requirements and restrictions apply to a Transient Merchant's License as a Peddler's License.  (See City Ordinance for further information).

  • Alcohol Permit - Business/Restaurant owners who sell beer or mixed beverages off their premises must obtain a permit from the City of Angleton. The fee for this permit is equal to one-half of the State of Texas Alcohol License fee.
  • Wrecker Service Permit - Anyone operating a wrecker service must obtain a wrecker permit from the City of Angleton. The permit fee is $100.00 per wrecker for the license and $50.00 for storage on an annual basis.