Public Works

The following departments make up the City of Angleton's Public Works Department:

Water Department
Treats and distributes water to approximately 7,000 connections. We are responsible for fixing any breaks in the lines, water pressure, new connections and overall quality of water. The department is also responsible for maintaining an adequate amount of water for fire protection.

Collects and treats all wastewater for the city. Responsible for any leaks in lines and maintenance of said lines to approximately 7,000 connections. The City of Angleton has two sewer treatment plants and 39 lift stations in operation.

Streets & Drainage
This department is responsible for maintenance of all streets and drainage in the city. The City has approximately 296,000 L.F. (linear feet) or 56.1 miles of streets. 

The Public Works Department has and operates a street sweeper, a mini excavator, two back hoes, a grade all, various mowers, and two sewer cameras to assist in the care of the city, along with various other small pieces of equipment. The mini excavator was purchased to minimize disturbing the area when underground work has to be done in back yards. The cameras were purchased to help in locating problems in sewer lines, such as leaks and stoppages. The city also owns a sewer cleaning machine to take care of blockages in the lines. 

Contact Us:
Office Manager: Jennie Edmonson 979-849-4364 ext. 5100

After hours and on holidays contact:
Angleton Police Department 979-849-2383 Option 1 "Dispatch"