Commercial Construction Requirements

Demolition Requirements

No commercial building may be demolished or renovated without a recent asbestos survey, which must be conducted by a state Licensed Asbestos Surveyor or before the building permit or demolition permit can be approved. (Texas Senate Bill No. 509).

For commercial projects with a valuation greater than $50,000, the Texas Accessibility Standards will apply to the project. (Texas Senate Bill No. 484). Contact ADA at 800-803-9202.

Commercial New Construction

The site plan (three copies) must show all setbacks, parking spaces, fire lanes, sidewalks and landscaping to include irrigation plans where applicable. Drawings must be signed and sealed by the design professional and accompanied by all required documents showing compliance with state law. An electronic copy of plans is required on all submitted projects.

Commercial remodeling or tenant build-out submittable must include:

The site plan must show the specific location of the project in the building, the number of parking spaces allocated to the project and describe surrounding tenant occupancies. The site plan also must include the layout and material used for storm water control (silt-fence, etc.).

Demolition drawings and a scope of work are required and must include an asbestos survey complying with Texas Senate Bill 509. No work may commence prior to submittal and permit approval. The floor plan must specify all proposed work. Plans drawn by a design professional may be required, depending on the scope of work.