The Angleton Parks & Recreation Department has various projects staff manage throughout the year.  For a glimpse of departmental happenings on a monthly basis, please read our monthly Parks & Recreation Memo here.


Parks & Recreation ADA Transition Plan

Under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City of Angleton is required to complete a self-evaluation and transition plan for its programs, services, and facilities to identify barriers and improve accessibility.  On September 13, 2022, City Council adopted PROWAG Guidelines and phase one of the ADA Self Evaluation and Transition plan which included a review of City facilities and associated parking lots, parks and associated parking lots, signalized intersections, existing sidewalks and associated curb ramps, design and construction standards, documented public concerns, sponsored boards and commissions, programs, procedures, and policies. Staff will begin implementing ADA improvements this year.  For more information about the Park & Recreation ADA Transition Plan and annual improvements, contact Megan Mainer,

Final Plan; Appendix; PROWAG Guidelines


Freedom Park Master Plan

The City of Angleton requested proposals from professionally qualified Landscape Architect (PLA) consultants, and/or similar professionally qualified consultants, in November to provide comprehensive design and planning services to update the master plan for Freedom Park located at 3105 N. Downing, Angleton, TX 77515.  Two town hall meetings were held on October 12 and November 9 to assess and prioritize park amenities desired by the public.  The plan includes the 42-acres of undeveloped land north of Freedom ball fields which has a pond.  The Master Plan for Freedom Park was approved by City Council on July 27, 2021. The City looks forward to the design development phase in the future.  For more information about Freedom Park Master Plan contact Megan Mainer,  

Public Survey - Proposed Park Amenities; Idea Cloud; Freedom Park Master Plan Concepts; Final Freedom Park Master Plan; Freedom Park Probable Costs; Passive Area Conceptual Renderings


Gateway Signage Master Plan

In 2018, the Azimuth Group, Inc. (AGI) was retained by the City to support the planning, facilitation, and documentation of an intensive strategic planning workshop. From various collaborative brainstorming exercises, one of many strategic themes was to Enhance the Local Economy. Strategic objectives, or tasks, that were identified under this strategic theme included: defining and marketing a compelling Angleton brand, attracting new commercial development, and supporting quality residential growth.

This project focuses on city gateway signs and landscaping to guide motorists into the community. A new City brand has been selected.  The Gateway Master Plan was approved by City Council August of 2021.  Elements of the plan will be implemented as funds arise.  For more information about the Gateway Master Plan contact Megan Mainer,

Final Gateway Master Plan


Lakeside Park

The City of Angleton collaborated with Parks Board, ABLC, City Council and Clark Condon to complete design development for Lakeside Park including an outdoor pavilion.  The City selected DL Meacham to complete the work which began in December 2021. 

The original completion date for Lakeside Park was October 3 but there were a few setbacks that have made the new date of substantial completion 12/16/22. First, one delay was associated with the delivery of wooden trusses needed to construct the pavilion pushing substantial completion to 11/2/22.  Second, the City initiated a change order to insulate the concession stand. This change order caused a 14-day delay so contractors could acquire materials (10 days) and install the material (4 days); this pushed the project back even further to a new date of substantial completion on 11/16/22. Third, the pavilion structure was required to meet Texas Windstorm regulations.  Design changes were needed and delayed contractors 30 days. City Council approved the 30-day extension on 8/23/22.  During a preliminary substantial walk through, staff and the design team (Clark Condon and Studio Red) found several incomplete items.  Contractors are working to address these items prior to opening the park to the public.  A ribbon cutting for the park is scheduled for February 2, 2023 at noon. For more information about Lakeside Park development contact Megan Mainer,

RVi Final Concept (PDF); Preliminary Pavilion Plan; Preliminary Park Design; Final Lakeside Park Plan Presentation; Weekly Update


TXDOT Traffic Controller Cabinet Art Wraps

The City of Angleton has completed three rounds of TXDOT Traffic Controller Cabinets art wraps throughout Angleton in the downtown district. The City of Angleton will pursue a fourth round in 2023 to transform traffic signal controller cabinets in Angleton from functional infrastructure into colorful and inspired works of art revolving around Texas wildflower, birds and/or butterflies. Selected art will be located at Loop 274 & Locust and B288 & Cedar. For more information about TXDOT Traffic Controller Cabinet Art Wraps, contact Jason O'Mara,