Chief of Police

Policing Philosophy and Strategies:

I believe in community-oriented and problem-solving policing philosophies complimented by intelligence-led, evidence-based policing strategies. A police agency I serve executes the agency mission by Consulting with citizens, staff, guests, stake-holders, and partnering agencies to identify and understand the policing need(s) to be addressed; Adapting staff perspective and resources to specifically address the policing need for the desired result, and Mobilizing resources and tactics to effectively secure and sustain the desired result. Comprehensive and accurate statistical information is used as a performance measure among other applicable measures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness to secure and sustain the desired result.

Leadership Philosophy:

I believe in using servant and legacy leadership principles to facilitate an environment of empowerment and effective communication practices to facilitate the opportunity for staff to accomplish the mission, objective and goals of the police organization. I believe that decisions should be oriented to advancing long-term solutions whenever possible, and should be approached with reasonable and appropriate efforts to maximize transparency and enhance the public trust. I believe it is a Police Chief's responsibility to be an organizational and community leader by working with politics, without being political.

Organizational Philosophy:

Organizational excellence is attained by virtue of creating and adhering to a comprehensive Strategic Management Plan that has outlined objectives, goals and performance measures which are communicated, trained to, and constantly re-evaluated throughout the organization timeline. Processes should be challenged routinely for efficiency and effectiveness; every legitimate line of communication should be used to strengthen and inspire a shared vision while empowering others to act on that vision. I believe that all staff and assignment levels should be led to a place of ownership and investment in the process when possible, and employees should be held to consistent, fair, and equitable standards of excellence. I believe in using technology as a force multiplier.

Chief Aaron Ausmus

Chief Aaron Ausmus


Texas Master Peace officer with over 4,000 hours of TCOLE training

Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership from Sam Houston State University

Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Communication from the University of Houston-Downtown

Texas Certified Public Manager

Texas State Health Services Licensed Paramedic


In essentials- Unity. In non-essentials Liberty. But in all things Charity - Augustine

Peace is no the absence of conflict, but the presence of wholeness! - Brett Mutton Ph. D

Perfection is expected, but excellence will be tolerated! - Paul Yahl