Traffic Control Box Wraps

The City of Angleton’s Keep Angleton Beautiful (KAB) is pleased to partner with TxDOT to offer temporary public art projects in the form of unique traffic box wraps these designs help to beautify the right-of-the-way, give visitors a memorable welcome into the city, and brighten drives for commuters. Check out the photos below to get a full glimpse of the artwork and information about the artist. 

Traffic control box images

Joy Chandler, the artist for "Ibis", is from Sugarland, Tx and has a philosophy of looking for ways to publicly display and share her personal works and visions with groups and communities. "Ibis" is a watercolor painting of a Great White Ibis, a Texas native bird. This traffic control box can be found at the corner of Something Blue intersecting at E. Myrtle St. and N. Velasco Street.  Copyright © [Joy Chandler] [2021]

Traffic control box images  (1)

Wendy Delgado, the artist of "Swallowtail Butterfly", is a native Houstonian who loves to tell a story with her illustrations and diverse skills in a variety of art mediums." Swallowtail Butterfly" is a painted graphic design of a Black Swallowtail Butterfly landing on Bluebonnets, the state flower this intricate and captivating piece of art is located at W. Wilkins St. and 274 Loop in front of Shipley's.  Copyright © [Wendy Delgado] [2021]

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Lauren Luna, the artist of "Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly", was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, but now lives in Houston, TX. A master painter and University Teacher, Lauren created a stunning acrylic paint design. "Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly" is a Texas native butterfly swarming around barbary fig bloom using a deep color scheme. A lively and intense piece of artwork found at the southeast corner intersection of W. Mulberry St. and 274 Loop. Copyright © [Lauren Luna] [2021]