Broadband in Angleton

The City has recognized the broadband deficiencies in Angleton, and we are working on a “Broadband Initiative” considering all available options for our citizens. The City began the Broadband Initiative when City Manager Chris Whittaker moved to Angleton and faced the same internet deficiencies many of our citizens have encountered.
We have made great strides with the Broadband Initiative, meeting with local ISP’s and discussing possible solutions to fill the gaps in coverage. The City has contracted with Com-Control Inc. to complete a city-wide internet inventory and make recommendations to City Council. This broadband report will go before City Council on August 10. Contrary to popular belief, no charter or contracts are limiting ISP’s from building in Angleton, and several providers have already begun work on improving/expanding their presence in Angleton.
T-Mobile has made Angleton one of the first cities in the country to offer its 5G Home Broadband service. You can check eligibility by following this link
Comcast Xfinity has already covered the commercial markets in Angleton and is expanding its Xfinity Home Internet product throughout all Angleton and well-populated surrounding areas. You can check current availability by following this link.
If Comcast Xfinity services are not available now, they will be in the future. The City is working with Comcast and approving any required permits and completing the necessary utility locates for work in the City. Keep in mind that ISP’s running cable along State highways requires TXDOT permits beyond our control.
AT&T has begun offering their fixed-wireless internet in Angleton in addition to their current offerings, and unofficially we have heard they are bringing their AT&T Fiber product to Angleton, with construction beginning as soon as December.
Building out miles of network to the approximate 8000 homes and businesses in Angleton is not an overnight project and will take an estimated 18 – 24 months before completion. In the meantime, here are some other ISP’s you can contact for service. The City has no contracts or affiliations with any of the providers mentioned here, and any information listed or sent is purely informational. This list is not definitive, and the City is not promoting any provider in particular.
Traditional ISP’s
Fixed Wireless
Satellite ISP’s
Elon Musk’s Starlink