Sister City

After several months of planning, the City of Angleton welcomed nine Belize delegates to Angleton and had a three-day intensive immersion in local culture, education, industry and economic development. The highlight of the visit was the official signing of the sister city documents.

“This is about sharing best practices, building and planting the seed we hope will yield fruits down the road,” Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner said. “We have four focus areas: education, cultural, tourism and economic development.”

Mayor Wagner replied when asked what stood out to him from the visit, “I saw two things here that stuck with me, the Recreation Center and high school CTW Center; it’s awesome and one of a kind. Having kids learn at a young age about technical opportunities is something I want to take back to Belize City. They are our future and backbone of any nation.”

Their time in Angleton took the to Angleton Parks and Recreation Facilities, AISD Career and Technology Center, Brazosport College, Port Freeport, Angleton Developments, and attractions like the Brazoria County Fair, MSR Houston, and the Stephen F. Austin Statue, where they learned about the historical significance of the region. As a result, the two cities are already planning quarterly meetings, and delegates have forged what the city feels to be fruitful relationships with the community leaders they met on their visit.

“This has been an experience I wish many other cities could have,” Angleton Mayor Jason Perez said. “We’ve formed bonds these past few days, and I’m confident we will learn and grow together.”

This whirlwind visit was made possible in part due to the many sponsors who stepped forward to help us welcome the delegates to Angleton: Gulf Coast Regional Airport, Wakey Wakey’s, Gulf Coast Transit, Brazoria County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Angleton Chamber of Commerce, Angleton Fire Department and The Red Devils Cook-Off Team, Derrick and Angela Dees, Angleton ISD and Culinary Arts Students, Brazosport College, Angleton Rotary, MSR Houston, Stephen F. Austin Historical Park, Port Freeport, Honore’s, La Quinta, and a big thank you to our generous Signing Ceremony Sponsor Mark Holian and Gulf Coast Auto Park.

City of Angleton Mayor Jason Perez, City Manager Chris Whittaker and Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner join LOVE FM Belize to discuss becoming Sister Cities on the visit to Belize City in March 2023.